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Retirement Annuities

Sound investment practices with highly competitive interest rates.

Our annuities specify a minimum rate of growth throughout the lifetime of the contract.

We offer a variety of annuities designed to fill every need:

  • Annuity Plus
  • Single-Premium Deferred Annuity
  • Single-Premium Immediate Annuity

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Traditional or Roth IRA

Every day you delay opening your IRA (Individual Retirement Annuity) could mean a great deal less money for your retirement. For example, compare the results of an IRA contribution established just a few months apart. What a difference a few weeks make when annual premiums are paid on January 1, May 1, or September 1!

The cost of waiting on an IRA with 5.7 percent interest*

Years to RetirementJanuary 1May 1September 1

At a 5.7 percent interest rate, If you plan to retire in just 10 years, your IRA will be worth $997 more ($27,475-$26,478) if you contribute every January first instead of waiting until September. By making your IRA contribution at the beginning of every year for 40 years, you’ll have $11,011 more ($303,500-$292,489) than if you wait eight months until September each year.

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